Last Updated: February 1st, 2017

How does it work?

On Official Lessons, thousands of local and online students from around the country search and contact our network of independent, private teachers every day. Teachers create a free profile and we promote their services to students in and around their area. Teachers specify which forms of payment are accepted along with when and where lessons are held after communicating directly with the student or parent.

After receiving a message from parents or students interested in local or online lessons, teachers pay a small referral fee that is automatically deducted from the payment method saved to their account. This is a one-time fee and there are no extra charges for any additional messages exchanged or for any other reason in the future. The messages received include the student’s name, email address and phone number. Teachers can contact a student as often as they like until the student schedules lessons, decides against taking lessons or chooses another instructor to work with.

How much does it cost?

When students contact you to schedule local or online lessons, you pay a small, one-time referral fee of just $2.99 and keep 100% of each lesson. It’s that simple. Being teachers ourselves, we were tired of giving takelessons.com 40% of each lesson or spending $84 upfront on credit packs to pitch our services to students on thumbtack.com who never had the chance to see our profiles first. So we developed this all-new business model that is intended to be more in favor of teachers. Create Your Free Profile

What if a student contacts me but doesn’t start sessions?

Though the referral fee is paid even if the student decides not to book a lesson, with no monthly subscription, no percentage taken from each lesson like similar sites and no additional charges in the future for a student that you could potentially be teaching for years to come at $35+/hr or more – we like to think $2.99 isn’t much of a risk.

However, if for any reason you feel a message wasn’t a legitimate or quality lead, please let us know and we will happily issue you a full refund after review – no questions asked.

How do you market and promote teachers?

We promote our teachers services to students in and around their area by paid search on Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as paid advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest among other social media channels. We’re also always on the hunt for new places to advertise our teachers services both online and in physical retail locations and we develop partnerships with websites that potential students may visit. For example, we may promote our music teachers on sites such as guitarcenter.com, iansfriend.com, samash.com, vintageking.com and sweetwater.com. Not to mention the organic traffic we receive daily due to our focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and backlink building. All these methods you could do and are encouraged to do on your own but we spend a ton of money on advertising and building our network of teachers and students so you don’t have to. Plus, our years of experience promoting private lessons for independent teachers around the country has enabled us to become quite effective at it and we continue to perfect and fine-tune our marketing strategies every day. We encourage teachers to share their profile because not everyone has a dedicated website or profile to market the lessons they offer but it is by no means required.

How do students pay for lessons?

Students pay teachers directly for lessons in person, over the phone or online using any form of payment. Many of our teachers request electronic payment by credit or debit card prior to scheduled lessons using PayPal or Google Wallet. But more often than not, we find students and parents prefer to pay in cash when they arrive at the lesson. Also, free credit card readers are now available to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Get yours at Square or PayPal and start accepting credit card payments in-person or over the phone today.

How do students schedule lessons?

Based on the availability posted on your profile, students contact you directly to schedule lessons. They let you know which days and times work for them and where they would like to take their lesson. With years of experience booking private lessons for independent teachers online we have found that both students and teachers most often prefer to schedule their lessons directly – not through a website. This is primarily due to scheduling conflicts caused by online booking systems with outdated availability.

Where are lessons taught?

Local and online lessons can be taught from anywhere at any time. Official Lessons is not a school and does not have studios or formal classrooms. Most commonly, lessons are taught at the student’s or teacher’s location such as their home, office or studio. When the weather is nice, some students request to take lessons outside in public places such as parks, beaches or football, baseball and soccer fields.

How do I delete my profile, temporarily deactivate my profile or permanently close my account on Official Lessons?

To temporarily deactivate your profile and no longer accept messages from students, log in to your account at officiallessons.com/login, and go to Edit Profile. In the section titled ’Teaching Status’ select ‘Currently Not Accepting New Students’. This will deactivate your profile and remove it from our search results which prevents any charges from being billed to your account as students will no longer be able to contact you. Likewise, you can always reactivate your profile at any time by logging in and setting your Teaching Status back to ‘Now Accepting New Students’.

If you would like to delete your profile and permanently close your account, you may do so at any time. Simply Log In, go to Edit Profile then click
Delete in the listing table. Click OK to confirm or Cancel to keep your profile.

What is the best way to contact Official Lessons?

Please email support@officiallessons.com for the quickest response. You may also call, leave a voice message or fax us at +1-800-310-5942.